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TSM Amateur Program Announcement

Over the past few months, players from various competitive tiers have been invited to in-houses run by our academy staff. Our goal was to provide a platform for a small group of amateur and solo queue players to get a slice of the competitive experience by coordinating scrims and providing feedback over a period of time. We discovered that some players, even under this minimal structure, improved dramatically in their game sense and approach to practice. 

As a result, we've decided to invest more into this project moving forward! With that, we're also really happy to announce that we've assembled our first ever team for the Summer 2021 Amateur Scene, consisting of: 

To continue this program, we'll be inviting players this Fall to our facility for our annual Scouting Combine, where they can try out for our Academy and LCS teams. Ultimately, we are hoping that these efforts will provide a clear and additional path to pro for solo queue talent. 

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