Main Roster
Phillip Dosen
ROLE: Player
Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen signed with TSM at the beginning of March 2019 to be a part of its Apex Legends squad. He has been an esports competitor for the past two years, notably competing in H1Z1 tournaments and showing a strong individual performance in the H1PL as a part of Cloud 9. He has also been a part of the Fortnite pro scene, having qualified to be a finalist for the Fall Skirmish finale at TwitchCon 2018. ImperialHal is a player molded by pressure, thriving in high-intensity situations where he is forced to make clutch plays. He mains Wraith, taking advantage of her slimmer hitbox and mobility to complement his aggressive playstyle.
Evan Verhulst
ROLE: Player
ROLE: Player
‘Reps’ (previously fpsreps) joined TSM Apex Legends to be a part of the competitive squad at the end of June 2019. He is a veteran FPS player, notably achieving top 500 in Overwatch (with a peak of Rank 7) in every season he played. Despite this, he chose to keep a low-profile, only choosing to go pro with Apex Legends which he has been playing since its release. He got into the competitive scene barely a month after, during which he’s won multiple pubstomping tournaments in addition to placing in the money for several others. He mains Bangalore, whose movement speed bonuses in addition to the game’s unique movement and aiming mechanics allow him to play hyper-aggressively.
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