Main Roster
Kurtis Bond
Kurtis ‘Purdy’ Bond signed with TSM in May 2021 to be a part of the organization’s first North American PUBG squad. He’s competed in PUBG since 2017 as an IGL, having led teams to multiple worlds events. Beyond his competitive success, he has earned a reputation for telling people where to go and throwing frags at anyone and everyone. Some of his most famous moments include the final game at FACEIT London 2019 and punching out GodV at 2019 worlds (PGC) for #America.
Aaron Lommen
ROLE: Player
Aaron ‘aLOW’ Lommen joined TSM in May 2021, having signed on as a part of the org’s PUBG competitive squad. He’s been a pro within the PUBG scene since 2017, and has competed at every global event since the start of PUBG. Placing 2nd in FACEIT London, winning PCS1 Americas, and winning ESL Masters as some of his most notable achievements. Throughout the years, aLOW has become known for being the best close range fighter in the world.
Andrew Franco
ROLE: Player
Andrew ‘penta’ Franco is a competitive PUBG player, joining TSM in May 2021 as a part of their PUBG squad. Penta has been a competitor in PUBG since 2017, having played in 7 PUBG LANs including all 3 NPL phases. He is best known for his insane mechanics and his fragging capabilities with an assault rifle.
Luke Newey
ROLE: Player
Luke ‘luke12’ Newey (also known as ‘Shoot To Kill’) became a part of TSM in May 2021, signing with the organization to compete on their PUBG squad. Luke started competing in OCE tournaments in late 2017, making a name for himself internationally at his first LAN GLL Grand Slam as part of Athletico. He was then picked up by the American roster Lazarus and competed with that roster since late 2019. Luke is known as the powerhouse of Australia, consistently staying at the top of kill and damage leaderboards.
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