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Jake Throop
ROLE: Player
Jake ‘chocoTaco’ Throop was signed by TSM as a streamer in March 2018 to represent the organization primarily within PUBG community. His streaming career began when he managed to hold North America’s rank 1 kill rating in PUBG for a few seasons, attracting more and more viewers over his first few months while streaming part time. After attending TwitchCon, his popularity soared, leading him to quit his job in education and transition into full-time streaming in January 2018. Over a short several months, he managed to build up a loyal fan base and a reputation of being a chill and highly skilled gamer, with many of his viewers being attracted to his stream by his aggressive playstyle, educational commentary, and the occasional discussion of whether or not a taco is a sandwich. He will be streaming mostly PUBG, but will occasionally be found playing other games such as CS:GO or DotA 2 as well.
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ROLE: Streamer
Maciej ‘MacieJay’ Dzikowski signed with TSM at the end of January 2020 to join their Rainbow 6 division as a streamer. Originally starting as a YouTuber, Macie began his streaming career 4 years ago, a few months after he started playing Siege. He was encouraged by his YouTube audience to keep streaming and he quickly fell in love with it due to the community interaction. Macie primarily streams R6 where he’s become known for his off-meta and outside-the-box gameplay. However, you might be able to catch him playing other games such as Minecraft from time to time.
‘Pokelawls’, a well-known streamer on and YouTuber, officially became partners with TSM in September 2020. Also known as The Man among Frogs and Creator of Bogg Though, Poke started off by posting Overwatch and Starcraft gameplay. However, he grew particularly as a variety streamer - featuring VR chat adventures, lots of IRL streams, and react videos - becoming well known for his personality and personal style of entertainment. With over 650k Twitch follows and 250k fans on YT, Poke has become one of the most fun and sensational brands to watch!
Josh Lujan
ROLE: Player
Josh ‘Xaryu’ Lujan joined TSM at the start of February 2020 as the organization’s very first World of Warcraft streamer. Xaryu is well-known in the WoW community, with many recognizing him as a Mage with serious PvP skills. Originally, he became known for trying to go 100-0 in 2v2, going for Rank 1 in multiple arena modes, or just trying to pull off crazy 1vN plays. In more recent years, Xaryu has branched off to do fitness streams in addition to his WoW streams, promoting healthy living and positive mentality. Despite multiple tournament wins and his stream’s success, Xaryu cites his greatest achievement as the amount of people who come into his stream and tell him how his positivity, health & gaming influence, and fitness/nutrition advice has changed their life for the better. Joining TSM as a brand partner, Xaryu seeks to continue being a role model for younger generations of gamers, showing them that health, fitness, and gaming can be combined.
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